• The latest hotel management system will turn your staff to professionals
Jinya Conect Provide a sophisticated service from the time of arrival.
Jinya Conect Find your guest records through tablet.
Jinya Conect Your staff will become professionals
Jinya Conect Front office information to be transferred to kitchen staff promptly

What is Jinya connect?

The cloud base Jinya connect system helps to over come the financial crisis of [Jinya Hotel] and rapidly improved the service level of its staff.

System was innovated by a hotel owner.

Whose restaurant was in the verge of bankruptcy, but over come it’s financial crisis within 5 years and expands it's sales by developing this system.

Introduce the Japanese Omotenashi service through latest IT

Starting from reservations and guest information all the related information can be centrally manage through the system

Just only 3,500 Yen per month

By using Sales Force platforms, Jinya connect has come up with a low cost and a high spec system compared with other companies.

See how the system works.

What is Jinya connect?